Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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(Canada) Montreal, September 1, 2015 - The management of Trio Pac is proud to announce today a partnership with Vortex Solution to create a new and mobile friendly website, scheduled to be online in January 2016.           

This new project, including more than 150 web pages, is the largest and longest Trio Pac website has created to date. "The concept of the new website was long thought by the marketing department before they went to tender" said Francois Brunet (Eng.), President of Trio Pac. "Several templates were created in-house to test and to validate the market to test the best strategies to respond adequately to Internet researches in the field of conveyors, in addition, to create an optimization of icons to quickly get the information about our equipment and services in just a few clicks." " This initial step also permitted Trio Pac to identify additional needs for engineering, parts, service, installation and distribution centers for which new  website sections have been entirely created beside the customer satisfaction with appropriate solutions " added Stephane Pilon (Eng.) Director for the department of engineering projects. 

Trio Pac gave the mandate to Vortex Solution’s impressive, cutting edge background in web strategy and business expertise  in technology, technical development, and programming to create a responsive website providing the best accessibility possible for information as well as digital content (video, images, etc.), while providing an ideal mobile and tablet browsing experience.
"Today's announcement is another example of the Trio Pac's commitment to provide resources and solutions updated in a ultra modern web format to meet current and future needs of our growing customer base," concluded Mr. Brunet (Eng.).
Vortex Solution focuses on developing objective-oriented web strategies and setting up management infrastructures designed to meet your needs. By combining expertise and passion since 1999, Vortex Solution has carried out over 3,000 successful web and interactive projects. Website:
For more than twenty-three (23) years, Trio Pac has been a leader in the field of conveyors by providing diversified solutions, turn-key programs, parts and equipment for food, pharmaceutical, packaging, bottling, distribution centers and other industries to meet the demands of its customers in Canada, the United States of America and Mexico.  Website:


Sandra Lemay Richardson     
Marketing Director, Trio Pac Inc.            

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